• Simoné from Studio S Hairstyling worked with me for more than 2 years. Not only is she extremely talented, but she is also just a wonderful person to have around on your wedding day.  Her contact number is 081 856 3721.
  • Christine from CS Bridal is extremely talented and she also creates stunning jewellery for hair.  Her number is 071 288 1997
  • Karin Holtzhausen from Hairdzign has been in the hair industry since 2003 and is a fantastic hairstylist. Her contact number is 082 726 2136.

Flowers & Venues

  • Susan from The Flower and Wedding yard is an absloute gem - for all your decor , co-ordinating and styling needs.  Her contact number is 082 784 9606.
  • Amanda from Amanda Moolman Blomme/Flowers is an incredible artist.  She is so easy to work with and has such talent!  Her contact number is 073 220 3512.
  • Imperfect Perfection is the most beautiful wedding venue - Lené is the perfect hostess and truly amazing!  Her incredible personal touch is very special. 


  • Nicolene Meyer is an amazing artist.  Her photo's are truly breathtaking and she is such a wonderful person to work with.
  • Lourensia from Laurentia E Phtography is a new mommy to little Joshua, but that doesn't stop her from being an amazing photographer.  Her photographs are a true inspiration.
  • Elize Mare is absolutely passionate about photography and truly very talented - she is all about capturing the perfect moment.
  • Daniel West is one of the best photographers I know. He has an incredible eye for detail and is truly an artist.

I can honestly recommend these service providers without any hesitation - not only are they true artists, but also incredible professionals.