Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you use?

My kit consists mainly of Kryolan products - I am a real fan! But because I adore makeup and I always end up spending my entire budget on makeup, I also stock some MUD, MAC and Smashbox products.  These are all pro-brands that I have a lot of confidence in using and that I know give me great results.

How long before the wedding should I come for my trial?

I normally suggest that you don't book your trial too far in advance.  Four to six weeks prior to the wedding is plenty of time.  I prefer booking your trial on the same day as you hair trial and even, if possible, a dress fitting.  This gives you a great idea of how your entire look will work together.

What about skincare?

Great make-up application starts with great looking skin.  Start with the best skincare regime your budget will allow as soon as you can.  Your skin will thank you for it! 

What about lashes?

When it comes to lashes, my motto is: "more is more!" So here is my secret weapon....if you have always wanted long, beautiful lashes and you have enough time before the wedding, consider investing in a lash enhancing product such as MD Lashfactor or Revitalash.  It might seem a bit on the pricey side, but it is SOOO worth it!  I stock MD Lashfactor, so let me know if you need some, you'll thank me later!

My go-to little cluster lashes make all the difference to an eye make-up look, but if that is still not enough for you, we'll use a strip lash, or alternatively do eyelash extensions. At your trial we will discuss the different options and decide which one will be best for you.

I have never had my brows shaped, do I have to have it done for the wedding?

Absolutely!!  I can not stress enough how important well groomed brows are - they truly are the frame of your face.  Please, please and please again have them shaped professionally before your big day.  And while you are at it, remind everyone in your wedding party to do the same please. 

I think I'll need a touch-up lipstick on the day, where can I get one?

You can purchase a touch-up lipstick in the same colour we have decided on from me.  Bridesmaids and mother's of the bride must please ensure they bring their own touch-up lipstick with on the day.

Will my make-up last the entire day?

I make use of the best products and techniques to ensure that your make-up will last throughout the day and even well into the early hours of the next day.

Where is it ideal to do make-up at my venue?

The ideal space has enough natural light, enough space and enough electrical plugs.

I don't want to be late on the day!

It is very important to me that you feel as calm and relaxed and as well prepared for your big day as possible, that is why we will work out a time schedule for the day when you come for your trial.  I build enough time into the schedule so that you will be on time and look perfect when you take your first step walking down the aisle.